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Informative Vehicle Links

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Below you will find some informative vehicle links, click underlined words for more information TITLES WITHOUT UNDERLINE MEANS LINK DNE


The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council enforces the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. Their mandate is to maintain a fair, safe and informed marketplace in Ontario by protecting the rights of consumers, enhancing industry professionalism and ensuring fair, honest and open competition for registered motor vehicle dealers. We are a member of OMVIC.

As the world's leading provider of used vehicle services, Manheim has set the standard for buying and selling vehicles at live auctions and online. They operate in 130 locations worldwide. We purchase vehicles from Manheim.

ADESA provides customers a whole car auction solution. They serve two main client types across North America: institutional customers and dealers. We purchase vehicles from ADESA.

Hill Garden Sunoco / PetroCan

A trusted mechanic who performs emission testing, safety inspections, etc.

Clean Max Car Wash

For car cleaning and detailing services, we use Clean Max in Mississauga.

Canada's HID lighting source, we've bought a dozen sets of Xenon lights from Ivan. He's got a good product, inexpensive. He is reasonable, reliable, and a good guy. Tell 'em we sent you.


WILLZ.US is our sister company involved in procuring used parts for BMWs, located 3 minutes from the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York, USA. A great resource for our Canadian clients who want to import their own parts from the US to Canada.

The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario is a voluntary, not for profit association of Ontario Motor Vehicle dealers who sell used vehicles to the public. They represent the industry to consumers, government and the media. They provide industry education programmes to dealers. They provide a mediation process for customers and their dealers. We are a member UCDA.

The Online Vehicle Exchange is a division of Manheim. We purchase vehicles from OVE.

The Registrar of Imported Vehicles was created by Transport Canada to administer the importing of vehicles into Canada.

We utilise Canadian Tire for federal RIV vehicle inspections.

Viele Bros. Autobody Ltd.

We rely on Viele Bros. when we need auto body work performed, rust proofing, glass repair, etc.

Need a performance chip for your BMW, Porsche, or Smart? Talk to Mark D'Sylva.

WP Pro Brakes

This is the fellow who built the brakes for the E34 M5 track car. Titanium vented 8-piston with 360 mm two-piece rotors. All custom design fit under wheels. Great performance, no fade.

 Click here for BMW-specific links

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