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Selecting My Vehicle FAQ

What information do you need from me about the vehicle I want?

Ideally, you should narrow down for us some search parameters. This will help us quickly locate candidate vehicles that are of interest to you. Use the following chart or checklist to refine your interests. Indicate your likes and dislikes. Email the parameters to us. If you need help making a decision, we're happy to help.

Can you get me a vehicle less than 6 months old, a demo, manufacturer executive driven?

Yes, relatively new vehicles, demonstrators, vehicles with mileage under 1000 km are traded at auction.


Can you get me a vehicle with a warranty?

Yes. We encourage purchasing vehicles still under the manufacturer's warranty, if your budget permits. Most manufacturers' warranties are transferable without much fuss or procedure. However, the odd manufacturer implements small charges and procedures to transfer a warranty from one owner to the next.


Do you have vehicles I can test drive?

No. Since we're buying cars from auctions, we don't have an inventory. Visit a local brick and mortar dealer, find the car you're interested in, then tell us your impressions.


How can you get a car without looking at it?

We generally buy vehicles from auction houses. These are for registered wholesaler dealer purchasers only. The vehicle listings are presented accurately and in thorough unbiased detail. Some vehicles include a condition report (CR) or seller's disclosure (SD) which provide even more detailed information. 


Do you physically inspect the vehicle before the auction?

Generally, no. Condition reports that auctions generate on each vehicle are detailed enough that a physical inspection is not necessary.


Do we know the condition of the tires?

Tires tread depth is measured and noted on most auction condition reports. However, we don't know if the tires are summer, winter, or all-seasons and appropriate for use in any particular season.


Can I learn about recalls to my preferred vehicle?

The NHTSA has mandated that all manufacturers selling vehicles in the US are required to permit consumers to check on-line for any outstanding recalls.

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