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Broking Fees FAQ

What is your fee?

We charge a 5% fee, the Buyers Premium Fee, on every vehicle we source for our clients. It is applied to the wholesale purchase price we pay for a vehicle.


Are there hidden fees?

No. We are 100% transparent. We show you the auction price and historical price averages for Canada and the US. We will inform you of any duty, transport, and other government and manufacturer fees, taxes, plating, or registration fees, in advance of your purchase. You will never pay for anything you were not informed of prior to your purchase.


Is there a delivery or transportation fee for my vehicle?

If your vehicle is purchased in Toronto and delivered to you in Toronto, there are no transportation or delivery charges. Based on the proximity of pick up and delivery locations outside of Toronto, a fee will apply.


Will there be an import duty charge with my vehicle?

There is no duty for a vehicle purchased in Canada. If a vehicle is purchased in the US, it may be subject to an import duty charge of 6.1%, based on the manufactured location (not the location of the parent company). If the vehicle was made in Japan or Germany, duty applies. However some vehicles, while made by a Japanese or German company, are built in North America (e.g. BMW X5, Mercedes Benz ML/GL-Klasse, Acura MDX, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Matrix), and are not subject to import duty. The first digit in Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) indicates the manufacturing locations.

  1. USA

  2. Canada

  3. Mexico

  4. USA

  5. USA

Vehicles with 1st VIN numbers 1 through 5 are exempt from import duty under NAFTA agreements.

See the importing information pages.

Is my vehicle subject to A/C excise tax?

If a vehicle is purchased in Canada, there is no excise tax. All vehicles purchased in the US are subject to a $100 excise tax, if the vehicle has an air conditioner in it, functioning or not.

See the importing information pages.


Is my vehicle subject to fuel-inefficiency excise tax?

If your vehicle is purchased in Canada, there is no fuel-inefficiency tax.

If your vehicle is an imported 2007 model year or earlier, there is no fuel-inefficiency tax.

If it is an imported 2008 model year or newer and has an average weighted fuel consumption rating of 13 L / 100 km or less there is no fuel tax.

If the vehicle is imported and is 2008 or newer and consumes more than 13 L / 100 km, then the inefficiency tax is payable in an amount between $1000 to $4000. Click here to see Canada Revenue Agency's rates on 2021 vehicles.


What is the import fee?

There isn't one if the vehicle is bought in Canada. If the vehicle is being imported from the USA, there is a $500 fee to handle import papers, customs procedures, and the payment of taxes and duties.

See our importing information pages.


What is the Federalisation charge?

There isn't one if the vehicle is sourced in Canada. US imports must be brought into compliance with Canadian specifications. The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) charges a $300 entry fee on each vehicle. All US sourced vehicles require recalls to be cleared prior to registration in Canada. All US sourced vehicles need to be properly exported from the US by filing documents with US Census and US Customs. We charge a $500 fee to complete this export process. .

See our importing information pages.


What's my bottom line?

There are many factors and costs that will affect your final price. These costs we outline for you in an excel spreadsheet. Request our spreadsheet Cost Estimate Calculator (Excel or PDF).


Do I have to pay HST?

HST/GST will be charged at the rate in the province in which you accept delivery of your vehicle. A detailed look at these rules is outlined here

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