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Brokerage Process FAQ

Is a motor vehicle dealer?

Yes, we are licensed in the Province of Ontario by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) to sell motor vehicles as Willz Leasing Corporation. We are also a member of the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA). That means you can buy with confidence.

What makes Willz different from a typical car dealership?

Frankly, we're nothing like a typical used car dealer. We provide unique, specialized services, such as locating, brokering, importing, and transportation services.. You can think of us as a professional automobile broker/agent. You tell us what you are looking for and we find it for you. We work with you to find the vehicle you desire. 

Do you have a car lot full of inventory?

No, we haven’t had a single car in inventory since about 2003. Inventory carrying costs considerably inflate the final price a dealer must charge clients.

What can do for me?

Just about everything. We locate vehicles that meet your requirements, negotiate a price, purchase the vehicle, wire funds, pick up or take delivery of the vehicle, coordinate inspections, take care of all the paperwork when importing, pay the taxes, duties, fees, then register and plate the vehicle, and put it in your driveway, cleaned up, gassed up, and ready to go!

Why is the pricing better through Willz auto brokerage?

Willz cuts the excess fat of needless overhead to a minimum. This benefits our clients in the form of a lower final price on their car. Traditional vehicle dealerships are costly enterprises to set up and maintain. Dealerships typically occupy lots of land space to house a variety of vehicles. Land is expensive to buy and maintain in large urban centers. Rent, heat, electricity, building repairs, and sales people's salaries are unnecessary overhead added to the cost of every vehicle sold through a dealership.

Why should I choose Willz?

We've been locating and importing cars for clients in Toronto, Canada, USA, and the world for over twenty years. We have a critical eye that will help you select the best car at the best price to suit your needs. We're proud of everything we sell and want you to feel the same way. Our business depends on your positive referrals and recommendations.


If there is a car I like and want to get it, what do I do?

E-mail us your requirements, make, model, year, colour, options, etc. Tell us your budget. We can quickly let you know what is currently available, what is coming up on auction, and at what price. If you need to speak directly to us, call any time, and we'll guide you through the process.

Can anyone import a car from the US?

Technically, yes an individual can import an admissible vehicle from the US. But it is a remarkably involved and challenging process with a great deal of paperwork. One must comply with all the governmental and law enforcement agencies, pay the appropriate duties and taxes, coordinate vehicle recall work, and coordinate the required inspections. The transportation piece alone is very convoluted. If you're going to drive the vehicle yourself, you need plates. You can't get plates without ownership and vehicle insurance. If the individual makes any mistakes, importing may be denied or worse.

Willz has the experience and expertise to complete all of the tasks necessary to efficiently and legally import your vehicle.

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