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Informative BMW Links

What's the difference between a BMW 540i and an M540i? What's the difference between a US 3.6L M5 and a Euro 3.8L M5? What's the difference between a US 540i sport and a Canadian M540i? To get a better handle on why a 1995 Euro M5 is quite a special car as compared to a US 540i sport and a Canadian ///M540i, check out the following site at:  or click here. Do you need more information, try this link.

What is a BMW Evo I, Evo II and Sport Evo e30 M3? I can get a convertible factory built e30 M3? What's a Cecotto or Ravaglia? Click here to find out.

What makes a BMW Euro 850CSi the closest thing to an M8? What's the difference between a US 850CSi and a Euro 850CSi? Check it out here.

How do I ever figure out all those Alpina designations? Try this website: You might also enjoy the unofficial archive.

Do you need to fix your BMW e34 and want to try it yourself. Try this resource for some common fixes here.

What's the BMW Club of Canada about? Can I get to drive my car on the track too? Click here. Does the BMW Club have an Ontario chapter too? It does here.

What does the BMW Car Club of America have to offer me? Find out here and the club racing scene? Click here.

Need to know what kind of car a BMW really is by it's VIN? Check here:

What's a BMW S14 motor or an M70? How different is an M power motor from a non-M motor. Read here

How do I make my BMW e34 M5 go faster with diff modifications? Check out what Robert Levinson did.

Bimmersport Automotive performs repairs, maintenance, and has parts for all BMW makes & models. Their  services range from oil and filter changes and regular scheduled maintenance to major engine rebuilds and conversions.  
AutoTrend was founded in July 1998 specializing in BMW service and repair. They have over 1200 satisfied customers. Body and paintwork estimates can be done on-site. They sell Bridgestone and Yokohama tires at competitive prices.  
Vintage Sports and Racing is a specialty car service and restoration shop with an onsite auto body repair facility. They service and create cars of distinction.  

Glarner Motorsports

UUC Motorwerks

Some commonly asked for phone numbers:

BMW Canada Customer Service: 800-567-2691
BMW NA (USA) Customer Service: 800-831-1117 

BMW uses codes to specify the chassis of their cars. For example, E30 refers to the BMW 3-series car made from 1987 through 1992; whereas, the E90 refers to a current 3-series vehicle. Wikipedia has a timeline table to help decipher the chassis codes.

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